Disney Financial found a better rate than his own bank

I received a phone call from a local Bank Vice President.

He wanted to refinance his own personal residence. He said that he had heard about our Mortgage Loan rate shopping service.

This is a free service that allows you to input your exact loan parameters and shop 100 lenders in just 5 minutes.

What a great time saving advantage this was to him and California Consumers. This is just what Consumers want when shopping for a loan.

The Disney team can shop for the lowest rate or lowest fees of most every lender in the marketplace.

His bank was offering to refinance at 5.625% for a 30 yr fixed rate loan.

Our shopping service found a local lender that was offering 4.25% for a 30 yr fixed rate loan.

This saved our client 1.35% over the life of the loan.  On a loan amount of $250,000, this saved our client $207.50 each month for the next 30 years…a savings of $74,700.

I just love it when a plan comes together…don’t you?