Disney Financial got a loan for a fitness center and refinanced a local car wash

I recently received a referral for a construction loan.

This client had found a loan from a Mortgage Broker in Los Angeles. He went through the loan approval process and was about to sign loan docs when the lender backed out of the deal.

Client needed  2 million to build a fitness center in Northern California.

So when I gathered all of the facts,  I went right to work and found a lender within 1 week.

2 weeks later the lender walked the parcel and approved the plans. And 2 weeks after  that the loan funded without any complications.

This loan went from a turn down to a funding within 5 weeks.  Wow!

Another client was referred to me that owns a coin operated car wash.

He wanted cash out to consolidate debt.

This client went searching for a refinance. He spent months calling other lenders and also went the extra step to pay an upfront fee of $12,000 to locate a mortgage.

Sorry to say, someone took his $12,000 and never did find him a mortgage.

So I went to work searching my network of lenders.

It took about 1 week to locate a good
solution for this dilemma.

Our client qualified for the lowest rates available to the Car Wash business and his loan closed in just  5 weeks. Loan amount was 1.6 million.