Since Disney Financial has been in the business for over 45 years! we have plenty of stories to tell!

Lucky To Have Great Clients

Dear Mike,I am writing to say a very heartfelt "Thank You" to you and your staff. We are going to be so happy in our home. It has been an educating and at times frustrating journey. You and your staff really walked us through this process and took amazing care of us.  Even when we made first-time buyer mistakes, you handled and fixed them and put us back on track. Your knowledge and expertise made everything from finding, and inspecting the home to the final signature on the escrow papers a...

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Self Employed Client’s Dream Comes True

Another Miracle from Disney Financial, we recently received a referral from another satisfied client. This new referral was in the trucking business and the business made over $200,000 in a year Of gross income. However. since he was self-employed, the client wrote off all expenses and the net income was only $8,000 per year for the last 2 years. How in the heck can anyone expect to be positioned to purchase a new home for S300,000 with a 10% payment...when they have so little verifiable...

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Saving Clients By Shopping 

I wanted to share a quick story with you about a recent client that was referred by their Financial Planner.  The client had a home that was underwater. This just means that there was no equity in the property.  This client had found a special program that fit his needs called the Home Affordable refinance Program, HARP for short...  The HARP program is sponsored by the government and allows for those clients with a mortgage owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to refinance even though there is...

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Helping Small Businesses

I recently received a referral for a construction loan. This client had found a loan from a Mortgage Broker in Los Angeles. He went through the loan approval process and was about to sign loan docs when the lender backed out of the deal. Client needed  2 million to build a fitness center in Northern California. So when I gathered all of the facts,  I went right to work and found a lender within 1 week. 2 weeks later the lender walked the parcel and approved the plans. And 2 weeks after  that...

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Overcoming Unusual Obstacles

I would like to share a quick story about a mortgage problem that was recently referred to me by a long-term client. I had helped this client with several loans in the past and now his daughter and son-in-law were getting preapproved to buy the larger home across the street from where they currently live in a rural area of San Diego County. They went to the local Navy Fed Credit Union and the loan preapproval process went smooth until the appraiser pointed out that this home was being...

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$89,000 Saved Over 1.375%  

I wanted to take a moment of your time to share a recent success story.  A client was referred to me by a current client for a refinance. The Borrower went to a local bank to obtain a refinance. The Borrower just started the process and the local Bank quoted 4.375% for a 15 yr fixed rate loan.  After gathering all of the necessary information, I was able to offer 3.00% for a 15 year fixed rate loan and no prepayment penalty thereby saving this client about $300 per month for the next 180...

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No Substitute For Experience

I was referred to Disney Financial by a close Family Relative. My close relative was able to buy a home because Disney Financial had found a good Lender solution. You see, the lenders kept declining him.. I had recently been declined by a local big box , brand name lender and the reason for the decline was due to very high debt to income ratios. You see, I had recently purchased 2 foreclosure properties. They were fixer properties that need some remodeling work. The fixer properties needed to...

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Shopping For A Bank’s Vice President

I received a phone call from a local Bank Vice President. He wanted to refinance his own personal residence. He said that he had heard about our Mortgage Loan rate shopping service. This is a free service that allows you to input your exact loan parameters and shop 100 lenders in just 5 minutes. What a great time saving advantage this was to him and California Consumers. This is just what Consumers want when shopping for a loan. The Disney team can shop for the lowest rate or lowest fees of...

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Fighting For Retired Teacher

I just had to share this story with you. A client was referred to me by their local CPA. She is a retired school teacher that requested a refinance to a lower interest rate. This refinance would save about $800. per month on the mortgage payment. The problem that she was facing is that her credit had several recent collection accounts reporting and her credit score was too low for me to offer any real improvements. So.. after careful review of all the facts... she got a little assistance and...

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Saving A Business From Foreclosure 

Ok guys, here is the challenge.  A local business owner named Jim was referred to me by a Happy Long Term Client.  You see, Jim had been turned down several times due to the fact that he was 3 months late on his Small Business Admin loan.  The lender was not willing to work with Jim and the Lender was going to foreclose on his property.  The deadline was quickly approaching.  There was equity in the property so the business owner did not have enough leverage to negotiate with this difficult...

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