How Disney Financial saved a business and its 18 employees

Ok guys, here is the challenge. 

A local business owner named Jim was referred to me by a Happy Long Term Client. 

You see, Jim had been turned down several times due to the fact that he was 3 months late on his Small Business Admin loan. 

The lender was not willing to work with Jim and the Lender was going to foreclose on his property. 

The deadline was quickly approaching.  There was equity in the property so the business owner did not have enough leverage to negotiate with this difficult lender. 

The problem was that Jim had lost a major client and his Business income was cut back dramatically. Jim had just secured 2 additional clients that would make up for the loss of the Major Client. 

Jim needed a loan for $50,000 to cover his loss. 

He had 18 employees with families that were depending on Their Employer to keep their job. 

A layoff in this economy would be devastating to each of those 18 families that depend on the breadwinners’ income for support.  

I did not hold out much hope for Jim, but instead of declining this client, we put together an Executive Summary of all of the facts and then we sent this information out to my prequalified Commercial Lenders via email. 

After 2 days of receiving rejection after rejection, we received a positive response from 2 potential Lenders that were willing to work with Jim’s dilemma. Wow!! 

The problem of negative cash flow had been solved and we were successful in locating a perfect fit with a Brand Name, “A paper” lender. They would issue a credit line for the $50,000 needed to get Jim’s business back on track. 

Income to Disney Financial for this transaction was exactly Zero. 

However, the fact that we were able to save a business from foreclosure… 

Absolutely Priceless

The very next time you have a Mortgage or Real Estate problem, 
Call a member of” The Disney Team” to get the priority help that you need at a price you can afford! 

Your friend, 
Mike Disney