Here is a letter from a client where our 35+ years of experience really paid off

I was referred to Disney Financial by a close Family Relative.

My close relative was able to buy a home because Disney Financial had found a good Lender solution. You see, the lenders kept declining him..

I had recently been declined by a local big box , brand name lender and the reason for the decline was due to very high debt to income ratios.

You see, I had recently purchased 2 foreclosure properties. They were fixer properties that need some remodeling work.

The fixer properties needed to update the bathrooms and kitchens on both properties.

Our repair team had spent will over $10,000 on the improvements. With this extra expense on the Schedule E, the Lender said I could not qualify for another purchase loan, and the lender declined me.

So after meeting with the Disney Financial Team of Professionals, reviewing the facts surrounding this dilemma,  Mr. Disney was able to locate a solution.

The Team was able to draw on our  years of experience to formulate a solution to this unsolvable problem.

How were we able to pull a rabbit out of a hat?

Disney knew that lenders will often times take those one-time expenses out of the income calculation because they are ..just that…onetime expenses…

So after The Team Members  spent the hours to review each receipt and recalculate the income…

We had located a very good solution for this new purchase of an investment property.

Now, since the underwriting rules had tightened up…The Disney Team had to locate a lender that was willing to work with this new information.

The Disney Team worked tirelessly to locate a specific lender that would allow this special calculation of income to be approved by the underwriting team and we found a lender and received loan approval quickly.

The appraisal was completed and we will be closed on this loan shortly afterwards..

On the  is my estimation that about 90% of the other loan officers out there would not have had the experience or knowledge to get the job done for this client.

The Disney team was able to take this from impossible to possible in about 6 weeks.

I highly recommend that you call The Disney Family for your next real Estate or Mortgage solution.

Ayad Kashat