Here is a letter from a client where our 35+ years of experience really paid off

I wanted to take a moment of your time to share a recent success story. 

A client was referred to me by a current client for a refinance. The Borrower went to a local bank to obtain a refinance. The Borrower just started the process and the local Bank quoted 4.375% for a 15 yr fixed rate loan. 

After gathering all of the necessary information, I was able to offer 3.00% for a 15 year fixed rate loan and no prepayment penalty thereby saving this client about $300 per month for the next 180 months. 

What a savings!  $300 X 180 Months = $54,000.00

That is HUGE!  If they took that extra savings and put it into an account earning only 3.0% interest, they would accumulate enough to pay off the mortgage in 12 years.  What a great way to save money on a mortgage!! 

If this borrower took the higher rate quoted from their local bank, they would be charged the additional $54,000.00. 

Hold the phone here… by paying the mortgage off 3 years early… our client also saved 3 years of mortgage payments…that totals $89,000 of savings… 

By shopping around this client’s major error is easily avoided.

Don’t let this happen to you. Speak to Mr. Disney about your mortgage so you can avoid costly pitfalls like this one. 

This example is a GREAT way to accomplish the goal of having your home free and clear!

Our philosophy at Disney Financial is to help our customers get the best Wholesale Mortgage Rate available.

After all, your mortgage is the largest purchase of your lifetime.

The mortgage will usually cost more than you paid for the home over the life of the loan. It makes good sense to get your mortgage from a specialist like Disney Financial who keeps your best interest at the forefront of the process.

If you know someone who is looking for a loan or any other information on a mortgage, call Mike Disney at Disney Financial today.

He will go the extra mile to make sure you do not overpay for your mortgage while keeping the mortgage process is as smooth as possible.